Handmade Plain Leather Belts

Are you tired of buying overpriced department store belts claiming to be "genuine leather"? Frustrated by cheap imitation leather belts that don't fit right and fall apart after only weeks of wear? We understand your struggle and are here to help! For 45 years, we have been crafting real leather belts that are durable, stylish and affordable.
At Marakesh Leather, here in the heart of Pike Place Market, we are proud to offer an awesome selection of stylish plain leather belts ranging in color, texture and finish for both men and women. Every belt is made-to-order from one solid piece of American cowhide. Your new belt won't rip, crack, bleed, split or peel apart like store-bought impostors and you can snap on any style belt buckle to like.
Our plain leather belts are available in three different widths: 1.25" (dress pant width), 1.5'' (standard jean width) and 1.75"(widest width for jeans). Every belt includes a stylish roller buckle at no extra charge and a range of 5 holes for optimal sizing assurance. All roller buckles are made of Pewter and are attached with an easy to use, durable snap allowing for simple removal and the accommodation of most theme style belt buckles.
There is nothing better than a good fitting belt and we want your belt buying experience to be easy and enjoyable. Simply tell us your current pant size and we will take care of the rest! We take pride in providing the best fitting belt for you and are happy to customize the fit of your belt to accommodate different buckles, pant styles and "seasonal changes". Email us anytime. Belt sizing can be easy, just tell us your current pant size and we will take care of the rest. We hope you enjoy your cool new handcrafted belt for years to come!
Check out our collection of Classic plain Leather belts below. Happy Shopping