"A Day in the Life" from Anthony Rowe Films.
At Marakesh Leather we specialize in handmade leather belts and unique accessories for style and quality conscious men and women. Originating in Seattle’s Pike Place Market in 1971 as an offshoot of California’s infamous Yoga Society, we became part of a group of artists dedicated to recognizing and saving the Market’s charms for future generations. To this day local artists preserve the “Meet the Producer” ethic that has guided our business in Pike Place Market for over 100 years. Marakesh Leather has flourished in this tradition.
Our name is borrowed respectfully from the Crosby Stills & Nash song “Marrakech Express”. Marrakech, Morocco, with its lively market places and tradition in leatherwork has long been a colorful crossroads of commerce and ideas. The Pike Place Market as such is Seattle’s vibrant crossroad. As they say, "all roads lead to 1st and Pike!"
Our business is built upon our love for the atmosphere of Pike Place Market and our unwavering appreciation for more cowbell!
We are dedicated to the traditions of hard work, individuality and creative expression through craftsmanship. We constantly strive to produce high quality high value goods while maintaining fair prices. Our unique aesthetic is something that cannot be found elsewhere and we take great pride in the originality of our craftsmanship. Happy customers return daily for the great leather and service they just can't seem to find anywhere else.

Check out our handmade leather PRODUCTS online or come down to Pike Place Market and visit us today! We are located just in from 1st and Pike, directly under the "Big Clock" and adjacent to the famous "flying fish" in the heart of the action.
Marakesh Leather Store Hours
Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri Sat 10am-5pm
Sundays 10am - 430pm
76 Pike Street #1
Flower Row
Pike Place Market
Seattle WA, 98101
*Located next door to the famous flying fish on Flower Row
phone: (206) 292-1730
email: jan@marakeshleathergoods.com