Customer Testimonials

"Love me some custom belts!  It's fantastic to have a belt punched to your waist size, they do it well here. Pro tip: bring your belt back if it becomes too loose after that diet kicks in, they will take it in free of charge. I'll never buy a belt off the rack again." -Jasmine R.
"I bought a beautifully hand-tooled leather belt and buckle. The woman who runs the booth is exceptionally friendly, skilled, efficient, and knowledgeable. The belt is of sturdy quality, and she fitted it with my buckle in a flash. This stall is well worth seeking out in the market."-Joann D.
"Anyone visiting Seattle, wanting to bring home a great item made by a living, breathing and hard working Seattlite, needs to stop into Pike Place Market and check out the great leather belts. Can't wait to return and get another belt! -Pam G.
"Adorable creations & great quality. My favorite treasures from our last trip to Seattle for sure!" -Jenny R.  
"Seriously best find ever! I got a custom made, high-quality leather belt for less than $40. 

I will never buy a belt from anywhere else ever again."-Stacy T.
"This is the first belt I've owned that fits perfectly! If you're looking for that elusive perfect fitting belt, this is the place." -David R.
"Absolute tops all the way around. This is my first experience with Marakesh, and let me make clear, I have no connection with these folks and I'm getting no kickback or any such thing for this review--it's just been a pleasure to deal with them.The belt is a real beauty. I've worked as a carpenter in Montana since the early 70s, and I know what I see with tools and equipment. Genuine fine one-piece leather, wide and thick, looks strong enough to lift the front end of a pickup. Would be a perfect work / tool belt, but also is handsome distressed leather and I'm just wearing it with jeans. Will last my lifetime and probably another couple of generations. (Before I bought this, I returned a belt from Amazon that turned out to be junk.) Over and above that, customer service verged on the unbelievable. Via several friendly emails, Morgan took the time to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. (By contrast, I'd earlier called another company to inquire about placing an order and never got a call back.) Go Marakesh." -Neil M.
"So you see I have a little crack problem.  I mean how can you not when you wear low-rise jeans right? It's  not just me.....

This is why I love working at the market: Whatever I need I can get here. The selection of belts and buckles is awesome....I got one with stars on it....because I'm a Suupahh staaah. 

The leather is nice and thick and the woman behind the counter cut it to size so that it fits perfectly. Great prices too.

 Glad I kicked that crack problem cuz I don't wanna to go to no no."-Margaux J.
"Wonderful service and beautiful craftsmanship! Highly recommend!!!"-Jackie S.

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Sincerely, the Marakesh Leather crafting crew in Pike Place Market