Belt Sizing

Step 1. Choose the Belt Width

1.25"= Standard belt width for dress pants, khakis, Dickies and slacks.
1.5"= Standard width for all jean loops and all Theme Buckles.The most common belt width.
1.75"=Widest belt width that most Jean loops will accommodate. Great for work or casual wear.

Step 2. Order your Pant Size

Simply order your BELT to match your PANT SIZE in inches. For example, if you wear a 34'' JEAN, order a 34'' BELT. We will take care of the rest! All of our belts are custom-sized with a standard range of 5 holes to accommodate different style pants, buckles and seasonal changes ;)
*Keep in mind that belt sizing may vary across brands and styles. As a general rule of thumb, note that your belt will measure approximately 3-4 inches larger than your pant size when considering the thickness of the leather, the jean material and the rise of the pants.
Not sure what size belt to order? We are here to help! Send us an email, We'd love to hear from you. Use our Size Chart below to determine the correct belt size for you.

Size Chart 

Pant Size      

Belt Size    

Middle Hole (approx. 3-4'' larger than pant size. Measuring from fold in the leather where the buckle attaches)

Range of 5 Holes (spaced approx. 1'' apart)

Length of Belt (measuring from the fold in the leather where the buckle attaches to end of belt)                                                         

Size 28''

 Size 28


Holes from 29”-33”

Belt length = 37”  

Size 30''

Size 30


Holes from 31”-35”

Belt length = 39

Size 32''

Size 32


Holes from 33”-37” 

Belt length = 41”

Size 34''

Size 34


Holes from 35”-39”

Belt length= 43''

Size 36''

Size 36


Holes from 37”-41”

Belt length= 45''

Size 38''

Size 38


Holes from 39”-43”

Belt length= 47''

Size 40

Size 40


Holes from 41-45”

Belt length= 49''

Size 42

Size 42


Holes from 43”-47”

Belt length= 51”

Size 44

Size 44


Holes from 45”-49”

Belt length= 53''

Size 46

Size 46


Holes from 47”-51”

Belt length= 55''

Size 48

Size 48


Holes from 49”-53”

Belt length= 57''

Size 50 

Size 50


Holes from 51"-55"

Belt length= 59"

Belt Buckle Style (Standard Buckle vs. Theme Buckle)

Standard Buckle

Below is an example of a "Standard Buckle" which comes included with each of our belts at no extra charge. Using a "Standard Buckle" will NOT alter the sizing of your belt. If you wear 34'' PANTS and plan to use a "Standard Buckle", order a 34'' BELT.

Theme Buckles

Below is an example of a Theme Buckle. Using a "Theme Buckle" WILL change the sizing of your belt. If you purchase one of our Theme Buckles at an additional cost, or if you have your own, SUBTRACT TWO INCHES from your jean size. If you wear 34'' PANTS and plan to use a "Theme Buckle", order a 32'' BELT.