Belt Buyers Guide

During this spooky Halloween season (and all year round) beware of cleverly disguised leather belt impostors haunting retail hangers!

Don’t be “tricked” by those wannabe belts.
Use our handy Belt Buyers Guide below to learn how to spot real deal leather versus fake leather belts.
"Treat” yourself to a real leather belt and send those imitation accessories to the grave!
Belt Buyers Guide
STEP 1. Check the Tag

-Look for labels that say “full grain leather”, “made from animal skin”, “real leather”, “animal product”, or “handmade”.
 -Beware of products that have no label or say “genuine leather”, “man-made materials”, or “synthetic”.

STEP 2. Put your senses to work!

 -Look for variations in texture, scratches or small bumps. Real leather is made from animal skin and should have imperfections throughout the hide.
-Press into the leather with your fingernail. Real leather will wrinkle and scratch while synthetic leather will retain it's shape.
-Bend the leather and observe the movement and any change in color and texture. Real leather will bend smoothly. Faux leather may feel rigid and inflexible.
 -Take a big whiff and notice that distinct natural, slightly musty leather smell. Fake leather will smell like chemicals or plastic.

STEP 3. Check the Price Tag

-A quality leather belt will cost more than a fake one. A real leather belt may retail between $35 - $100 while an imitation belt is sold for $10 - $30. Be weary of designer belts with higher price tags, even these can be made with synthetic materials.

STEP 4. Where do you shop?

 -If you find yourself at the big box retailers and department stores of the world,
you are likely to find synthetic belts. For a fun experience where you're sure to find quality leather,  visit a craft market, small retailer or handcrafted online vendor.

STEP 5. Fire starter…Proceed with caution

 -For the extreme belt wearer, take a lighter and test a discrete part of the leather. Real leather will char slightly while fake leather will actually catch fire, be careful!

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